Covington Personal Injury Attorney Wins Premise Liability Lawsuits

Businesses and residential property owners are responsible for keeping their property safe, ensuring that there are no dangerous conditions on-site. When unsafe conditions exist, it is the responsibility of the property owner to be accountable for any damage that is done.

When you are shopping at a supermarket, dining at a restaurant or browsing through a mall or a big box store, you rightfully expect to be protected by the owners from unseen or unknown dangers. Louisiana has laws requiring business owners to take reasonable steps to protect, warn, and not actively injure their patrons, who are legally known as business invitees. Business owners who fail to live up to this responsibility can be held responsible for the injuries that result – ranging anywhere from a sprained ankle or broken arm to a spinal cord injury or even death.

In order to recover on these types of slip and fall accidents, a victim, with the help of the right premise liability attorney, must prove that he or she had not been warned and was unaware of the condition.

More often than expected, customers are injured when heavy merchandise falls off store shelves. This is the result of improper stacking by store employees or improperly designed shelving systems. Like slip and fall accidents, victims and their premises liability lawyer will have to prove that the business, or its employees, created, knew or should have known about the condition.

Sometimes store patrons are not hurt by dangerous conditions, but by the employees of the store or business. Just like businesses and companies are responsible for the automobile or truck accidents that their employees cause outside the store, the businesses and companies are responsible for the negligent conduct of their employees inside the store or business – such as running into customers with forklifts; spilling hot coffee or other hot liquids on patrons; or dropping lumber or other heavy merchandise on a shopper.

Premise liability attorneys use the term “slip and fall“ for a number of injuries that occur when someone trips and/or falls because of a hazardous condition on the business property. There may be a number of reasons an individual falls, such as items on the floor, an uneven surface, leaking products, ripped flooring, hard to see holes in the parking lot or lawns.

However, because the extent of the business owners’ duty and whether they failed to meet is rarely clear cut and depends on the circumstances of each case it is important to consult this Covington premise liability attorney as soon as possible. Indeed, stores and business owners act immediately to minimize their liability by immediately making accident reports to send to their insurance companies and their own group of premise liability attorneys. The best way to level the playing field is to immediately call your own Covington premise liability attorney.

At The Upton Law Firm, you will be represented by a personal injury attorney who has accumulated significant experience dealing with the various types of claims against business owners. Tim Upton’s primary concern is the well-being of his clients. His top priority is to ensure that his injured clients are well represented. Personal attention and thorough, competent and honest representation are what he will bring to your case to ensure you are compensated for your medical expenses, loss of wages and pain and suffering. If you have suffered an injury, he will work hard so you receive compensation while you concentrate on getting better.

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