Metairie Personal Injury Attorney Aggressively Represents Clients

If you have been suffering from an injury or illness that is someone else’s fault, it may be time for you to collect compensation. If you do not understand the laws pertaining to personal injury, our experienced attorney will make sure that you are aware of the process and kept abreast of its happenings every step of the way. The element that sets our firm apart from all the others is our compassion. Our attorney really cares about you getting the compensation that you need to pay for medical bills, loss of wages, and household expenses.

This personal injury attorney is experienced in representing individuals suffering from all types of injuries. If you were hurt on the job and denied workers’ compensation, this attorney can start proceedings against the employer for allowing the injury to occur. We will help you to collect what is rightfully yours. Just ask for assistance and you will receive it.

If you have been misdiagnosed, mistreated, or ignored by a medical provider, this attorney can review the case to determine if the provider was at fault. For example, if you were issued a medication to which you were allergic, and you had a dangerous reaction, you may be able to receive compensation for your lost time at work and any hospital bills. Additionally, if you have lost a family member due to the neglect of a doctor or hospital, we will review the case. Your loved one’s hospital may have made mistakes, which entitles you, as a surviving family member, to collect compensation.

Slips and falls are types of case our firm handles. Any time a person is injured inside of a business, the company is open for liability. Businesses are responsible for the safety and well-being of every person that steps foot into the building. Therefore, if you slip or fall inside of a business, we can almost guarantee you a settlement. It is our duty to investigate the neglectful party to determine if the person or the institution for which he or she works pay for the negligence.

Quite a few injuries fall under the personal injury category. The best way to start collecting your settlement is to consult with this attorney as quickly as possible. If your case appears clear cut and viable, this attorney will represent you on a contingency basis. That means if you do not win a personal injury cash settlement, the attorney is not paid. That is how much faith I have in my abilities. I offer you “no win no fee” service of the highest quality. You have nothing to lose by coming to me for help, but you have quite a bit to gain. To schedule an appointment for a free consultation, visit