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Drunk driving is responsible for one in three deaths in the USA. But, unlike other automobile accidents, drunk driving accidents are much more devastating. Not only are the injuries usually much more severe, but this type of automobile accidents cause an incalculable amount of pain and suffering each year. Drunk drivers take lives and destroy families. The physical and emotional injuries that these driver cause never fully heal.

Despite public and government efforts to reduce drunk driving and the accidents that it causes, this DWI attorney New Orleans knows that this problem remains a serious threat to our safety and the safety of our families.  New Orleans DWI arrests arise in different ways. Possibly a few drinks at the office Christmas party followed a drive into a drunk driving checkpoint, led to an arrest. A driver fumbling with a CD player may have swerved, and the police officer that pulled the car over smelled alcohol on the driver’s breath. Perhaps a serious accident happened which resulted in injury and a DWI investigation, which led to an arrest.

No matter how it happens, being arrested for DWI can be a frightening experience. But whatever the circumstances, drunk driving arrests require fast action. The most urgent concerns are usually finding an experienced New Orleans DWI lawyer.  Although some individuals arrested for drunk driving are released on their own recognizance, others will not be released until they post bail. Locating a bail bond provider is the first step in securing a suspected DWI driver’s release from custody. Bail bond firms typically require an up-front down payment of 10 percent of the driver’s bail amount to secure his or her release.

Once the driver is released from custody, it’s important to start addressing the legal issues that stem from a drunk driving arrest. A DWI case in Louisiana can be complicated. Stephen Hebert may be able to save your driver’s license and develop an aggressive strategy to attack both the court case and the charges to minimize the effects of the DWI arrest.

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